Les envies Rhônements, Carrément à l’Ouest, Les Mercredis du Port

Encounters and festive acts

A number of events and festivals have been invented by the Citron Jaune, in order to ensure that the street arts are part of the territorial reality. New ways of sharing and discussing between artists, their work and the public. This is done through several showing of work in progess* throughout the year as well as through many workshops and a number of memorable festivals and celebrations :
Les Envies Rhônements : a travelling festival which mixes art and environment in the natural areas of the Rhône delta.
Carrément à l’Ouest : an art event that takes place in the heart of the city, closest to its people. A reflexion of the wealth and diversity of the arts in the public spaces !
Les Mercredis du Port : during the summer months along the shores of the Port Saint Louis docks, you will be able to experience creative events and enjoy a certain art of living.

Work in progress : During their residencies, artists at the Citron Jaune are offered the opportunity to present their work to the public. They are able to showcase their work at various stages : as they are developing it or when it is ready to be seen by the public for the first time. They can also use this opportunity to try out new things. This happens in the Citron Jaune’s building but also in public spaces around the city as well as in unexpected places. Entrance is free. Everyone is welcome and food and drink are shared out with the public.

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