LAND Stewards and Artists

LAND (Land stewards AND artists) is a partnership of arts organisations from the Netherlands, France, UK, and Hungary exploring new ways for environmental organisations producers and artists to work together in the landscape.

LAND’s vision is to create a distinctive collaboration between artists, producers, land stewards and environmental organisations, to explore our relationship with rural landscapes, the science and the heritage, through the medium of art while taking account of major environmental issues. 

· to strengthen the relationship between partners, artists and land stewards in the creation and production of artistic work in the landscape.

· to develop audiences for artistic work in the landscape, particularly targeting young people;

· to development the professional skills and abilities of partners and land stewards in the understanding of this specialist field of work.

LAND network of European partners are Oerol Festival (Netherlands), Activate Performing Arts, (United Kingdom), Le Citron Jaune (France) and Artopolis / PLACCC Festival (Hungary). 

LAND partners will work with selected European artists, a range of regional and national environmental organisations, together with universities and schools, to deliver a comprehensive programme in 2018 – 2019: The key strands are:

· Presenting artists / companies who are developing their specialism in landscape sensitive work at festivals in all four countries.

· Residencies for artists / companies to develop new work alongside land stewards.

· Audience Development / Outreach programme for young people and schools

· Professional Seminars for artists, lands stewards and producers to share good practice and learning.

By offering the landscape as a field of experimentation, it offers the ability to re-think the landscape as a public space, in the hope of reuniting what is often seen as disunited or separate: humanity and its environment, art and nature, science and experience.

LAND offers additional outcomes and benefits:

· rural landscapes animated through art attracting audiences to experience it in a new way;

· a stronger cohort of artists working in the landscape benefiting from new European markets;

· a connected European network of arts organisations, land stewards and artists;

· academic institutions developing distinctive work supporting this practice in the industry.

And Now: (UK), Oerol, 2018,
© Moon Saris

LAND Partners:

OEROL, Netherlands   

Oerol festival has become to be known as one of the most exceptional landscape arts festivals in Europe. Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage presenting art in all kinds of forms.  Oerol is becoming a laboratory in developing art with a dynamic interchange of culture, history and landscape. Oerol has experimented in recent years on new forms of art in the landscape combining artistic and environmental questions. From a fascination and desire of artists, environmental partners, audience and the festival to create sensitive and sensible connections between nature, the people and the imaginary.


Activate is a strategic organisation in Dorset focused on producing large-scale outdoor performing arts, specializing in land-based arts together with creating infrastructure to support the wider dance and theatre sector.  Since 2007, Activate produces Inside Out Dorset, an outdoor arts festival of extraordinary events in extraordinary places, working across rural and urban landscapes.  Activate has a particular interest in cross art-form opportunities and seeks to produce and develop work with international partners and artists.


Based between the Mediterranean Sea and the industrial ports, Le Citron Jaune serves as a place for artist residencies and a meeting place with the public.  As National Centre for Street Arts, they animate a collective reflection from the cultural, environmental and educational fields, whilst facilitating work to bring together arts, people and public spaces. They focus a large proportion of their work in landscape including their international “Les Envies Rhonements”, a travelling festival combining art and environment held across natural landscape of the Carmague, in the Rhone delta.  

LAND project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.